Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Soundtech SPV is One Mean Machine

   Two weeks ago I put up pictures of my Konami Spectrum Patrol Car from the Supermarionation series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.  I fugure the time is right to post images of one of my SPVs (Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle).  This vehicle is arguably the most popular design from the original Captain Scarlet series. It's large air intakes, multilple wheels, and rear caterpillar tracks give it a very aggressive appearance.  The Soundtech toy is a fairly decent representation of the screen SPV.  The rear tracks extend, there is a spring loaded missile launcher, and an ejector seat.  As the name implies it also has button activated dialog such as  "I'm in the SPV znd I'm on my way!"  Enjoy!


  1. I don't recall ever watching Capt Scarlett as a young 'un but as an adult toy collector I'm fascinated with the gadgets, aircraft, and vehicles. Nice toy!

  2. OOOh I had one of these when I was a kid (do not remember who the manufacturer was). It was always my favourite. I stiull have it in the attic. My brother had the SPC and the Maxuimum Security Vehicle with it's box of cargo.