Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lou Scheimer 1928-2013

   Lou Scheimer, a legend in the television animation industry passed away this week.  He was the co founder of Filmation Studios.  Filmation was arguably the biggest name in television animation.  Their catalogue includes Star Trek The Animated Series, Flash Gordon, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Tarzan Lord of the Jungle, Fantastic Voyage, and many DC Comics characters.  They also produced live action series such as Secrets of Isis, Space Academy, and Jason of Star Command.  80s kids will remember them most for He Man and the Masters of the Universe.   Having grown up in the 70s; it seems like every show I watched on Saturday morning was produced by either Filmation or the Kroffts.  Mr Scheimer worked closely on every series that Filmation produced and was even a voice actor on many of them.  He will be missed.

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