Sunday, October 20, 2013

Popynica Has Got A Lot of GUTS Part Seven: The GUTS Dig

        I apologize for taking so long adding new GUTS mecha to the blog.  We're now at my favorite craft in the SUPERGUTS lineup; the GUTS Dig.  It really only featured in one episode of Ultraman Dyna, but such is often the fate of drill vehicles in SF series.  It's a very cool design and the Popynica toy replicates it quite well.  Although it's never shown in the series; the GUTS Dig can be carried directly beneath the GUTS Eagle Beta.  Enjoy!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lou Scheimer 1928-2013

   Lou Scheimer, a legend in the television animation industry passed away this week.  He was the co founder of Filmation Studios.  Filmation was arguably the biggest name in television animation.  Their catalogue includes Star Trek The Animated Series, Flash Gordon, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Tarzan Lord of the Jungle, Fantastic Voyage, and many DC Comics characters.  They also produced live action series such as Secrets of Isis, Space Academy, and Jason of Star Command.  80s kids will remember them most for He Man and the Masters of the Universe.   Having grown up in the 70s; it seems like every show I watched on Saturday morning was produced by either Filmation or the Kroffts.  Mr Scheimer worked closely on every series that Filmation produced and was even a voice actor on many of them.  He will be missed.

The Joker's Ride Is Nothing To Laugh At

   It's no secret that I'm a huge Batman fan.  I have a lot of Batmobile models and toys.  Thanks to my  friend Dan Foster in Olympia Washington I now have a Jokermobile!  The Corgi diecast Jokermobile is a really nice toy.  It's highly detailed and a great addition to my Batman collection.  I received it from Dan last March when we attended Emerald City Comic Con together.  Thanks again my friend.  I finally found the time to take some decent photos for the blog.  Enjoy!

Product Enterprises SHADO Interceptor...Immediate Launch!

     I'm a big fan of Gerry Anderson's live action SF series UFO.  The first line of defense employed by SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization) was the Interceptor.  Deployed from SHADO's moonbase; they were basically a manned targeting vehicle with a single nuclear warhead.  On screen they looked amazing.  The Product Enterprises diecast model is just as amazing.  A very durable and highly detailed replica.  Enjoy!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Secret Space Base Podcast Episode 4 is Here!

   Here it is!  Our fourth episode!  This time with an actual guest.  Special effects artist and stop motion animator Ron Cole.  This gentleman has worked on such projects as Ghostbusters 2, Monsters The TV Series, and, of course; Sinbad The Fifth Voyage.  It was a great pleasure listening to him chat about his career and interests.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Greatest Watch Commercial Ever Made......Don't Care about the Actual Watch Though

    This is the recent Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch commercial.  It's a great montage of fictional communicator watches.  I have no idea if Samsung's watch is any good.  The commercial is great!  It's a parade of communicator watches from a variety of television series and movies.  So much fun.  Enjoy!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Obscure Sci-Fi T-Shirts

    In this day and age it seems that everyone likes geeky T-Shirts.  There's a never-ending array of Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who,and superhero shirts on display.  Geek is chic.  Well, for me it would be too easy to go the route of everyone else and wear a Batman or Doctor Who shirt, but I prefer to be obscure.  Here are four shirts of mine with Sci-Fi references very few will get.  Enjoy!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Supermarionation Commercials!

   Here's a great Youtube video that I found with commercials featuring Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation characters.  characters from Supercar right up through Joe90.  The commercials advertise products from Lyons Maid frozen desserts and Kelloggs Sugar Smacks.  You can't help, but smile while watching Captain Scarlet expound on the virtues of eating Sugar Smacks.  Enjoy!

Charawheels Ultraseven Pointer

    Anyone who has spent time on this blog knows; I'm  a sucker for diecast vehicle toys.  This is especially true when the toy is based on something from a great television series or movie.  Charawheels (a line of exclusive Japanese Hot Wheels vehicles) fits the bill perfectly.  Today we have the Charawheels Terrestrial Defense Force Pointer.  This car originated in the 1968 Japanese SF series Ultraseven from Tsuburaya Productions.  In the show it was equipped with lasers, forcefields, missiles, and a hover capability.  Just the type of car needed by an organization facing constant alien threats.  The toy is the standard hotwheels size and has a lot of great detail.  I'll soon be posting more of my Charaweels collection.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This Rolls Royce is FAB!

   Sticking with the Supermarionation theme I'd like to present the Konami FAB 1 from Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds.  I do so love Thunderbirds.  It's arguably Gerry Anderson's finest television achievement.  Due in no small part to this gorgeous vehicle.  In the show FAB 1 is owned by beautiful secret agent Lady Penelope and driven by her ever resourceful butler/chauffeur Parker.  The vehicle concealed enough gadgets and weapons to make James Bond, The Green Hornet, and Batman jealous.  The Konami trading kit is very nice and highly detailed.  The really amazing part is the sculpted interior.  It's worth noting that Gerry Anderson actually had the permission and blessing of the Rolls Royce Corporation when this vehicle was put on the screen.  Enjoy!