Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Moonbase That Lingered at the Edge of My Memory

   Bag O Spacemen.  That's what I always called them.  They were fairly common at your local grocery store in the 70s.  I had tons of them.  That and frogmen.  For many years I was somewhat tormented by a fragmented memory of a Moonbase set that utilized these figures.  The only thing I clearly recalled was the strangely Tupperware-like space domes in the set.  I had done a lot of research and turned up nothing.  Yesterday that all changed.  Bill Bulloch of the Project Sword Moonbase Blog sent me some great images of the very toy that has troubled me so.  It was in fact a Sears exclusive called the Beyond Tomorrow Lunar Space Station.  Missile Launchers, hovercraft, flying platforms; it's brilliant!  I must find this!  It even contains bits from the MPC Fireball XL5 playset from the 60s as well as the MPC Project Moonbase playset.  Again, I just want give a special Thank You to Bill Bulloch of the Project Sword Moonbase Blog.  Check out the images below for the full effect.  Enjoy!

Finally, the MPC Fireball XL5 playset for comparison


  1. Will,

    I had the spacemen as a kid as well but not the set. It was only as an adult collector that I was able to latch on to some the MPC sets.

  2. Well, Ed I've got to find this set. With my luck if I do find it the price will jump from the 9.99 in the ad to about 199.99.

    1. I'm glad to see I'm not the only who has that same kind of luck LOL