Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rescue Eagle to the pad!

     As a sci-fi fan growing up in the 70's; I was a major fan of Gerry Anderson's  Space: 1999.  It followed the crew of Moonbase Alpha as they struggled to survive a difficult journey through space after the moon is violently separated from Earth orbit.  Okay, the physics was wonky, but the show was great!  The centerpiece of the series was the amazing Eagle spacecraft designed by special effects artist and model builder Brian Johnson.  With it's uniquely beaked command module and an endless variety of accessories and interchangeable central pods; it was a real icon of  TV sci-fi. This Konami trading kit features the standard Eagle vehicle frame with the cool rescue pod added.  Enjoy!

The Complete Konami Space: 1999 Collection


  1. Any sci-fi vehicle or ship that features interchangeable gear or modules has got to be a hit. The Eagle is classic '70s space design. BTW, I like your new masthead picture Will.

  2. Thank you very much my friend. I do love the Eagle. I've really been your blog. I've tweeted about the Corgi Bat vehicles. That Lasership was great too!

  3. Thanks also about the new masthead. I originally saw it on Moonbase blog and saved it. The lander is a cool design reminds one of the Zero-X MEV.