Saturday, September 14, 2013

Happy Fifth Birthday to the Project Sword Moonbase Blog!

   The Project Sword Moonbase Central blog has been a major source of  inspiration to me over the years.  Three guys with a sincere love of  sci-fi, vintage space toys, and Gerry Anderson programs.  Their blog never fails to impress, inform, and entertain.  Thanks to them I've had the chance to see vintage space toys, art, and ephemera that I never knew existed.  I've  even had the great privledge to contribute to their blog on occasion.  It's fair to say that my own blog wouldn't exist if not for the Moonbase blog.  I have a link on the main page for the Moonbase and I encourage everyone to click on it and help the Moonbase celebrate this great five year milestone!


  1. Thanks for the kind comments Will, with the Secret Space Base online, now we have something exciting to read too!

  2. Thank you very much as well. Sci-fi and space toys forever!