Sunday, August 18, 2013

One Insanely Cool Vehicle

           I do enjoy anime series from the 80s.  Space Adventure Cobra was especially cool.  The series featured a wide variety of cool spacecraft and vehicle designs.  One of the few that was released in toy form was the incredible Psychoroid car from Bandai.  In the series it was just a very sleek, futuristic flying car, but the toy was given the ability to transform into robot mode.  For this reason Tomy added it to their Gobots lineup in 1984.  To be blunt; I hate the robot mode.  It just looks bad to me.  The vehicle is much more visually interesting.  The original Bandai toy had the Psychroid label on the vehicle's hood and had a firing missile .  This is a later release as it has the Future Machine label and the missile fuction is absent entirely.  Thankfully mine still has the canopy intact and the figures of Cobra and his android assistant Lady still at the controls.  Enjoy!


  1. That is so cool Will. Future Machine. So simple. It reminds me of Eric Eden's space car in his TV21 Highways 2021 illustrations:

  2. Thank you my friend. I do enjoy the look of this toy. Thank you very much for the link. The similarity to Eden's design isn't just striking; it's downright uncanny. Now I'm left to wonder about a possible link between them.