Thursday, August 22, 2013

An Amazing Collector's Edition Figure

      This evening I had a chance to examine and  photograph a really excellent figure model that was an exclusive addition to the Tales of Xillia Collector's Edition PS3 game.   My friend Amber Smith (gamer, cosplayer, and all around awesome person) brought the figure to my attention and it is amazing.  The character's name is Milla Maxwell.  I'm not as familiar with the game as Amber is, but I know a quality sculpt when I see it.  Although vehicle toys and models are more my gig; I couldn't pass up this opportunity.  With any luck we'll have Amber as a guest on the podcast in the near future  Enjoy!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tim and the Composite of Doom!!!

     Tim sent this composite test image today.  Tim is prepping for some stop motion filmmaking and this is a proof concept shot created in his back yard.  I took the actual photo which originally showed Tim's next door neighbor's house behind the wall.  Tim added the FX magic and here you go.

Secret Space Base Podcast Episode Three: Sense of Scale

      It's time for our third podcast and I'm sorry it took so long. This time we discuss the great movie minatures documentary Sense of Scale and Time discusses the pitfalls of unpaid freelance work in the entertainment industry.   


       Wow!  As of  1600 hours today this blog reached 10,000 views.  It took a while considering I've been up and running since March 11, 2011, but I'm certainly thrilled.  Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog!  I appreciate it!

Popynica Has A Lot of GUTS Part Six: GUTS Eagle Gamma

      It's been a long time, but we're finally at Part Six.  This time we have the Gamma which is the last of the primary Super GUTS aircraft.  It represents the final component of the Combined GUTS Eagle.  Its design always reminded me of the SHADO Lunar Interceptor from Gerry Anderson's UFO series.  As you can see from this and the previous GUTS entries; Bandai Popynica knows how to make a great, detailed toy.  Enjoy!

One Insanely Cool Vehicle

           I do enjoy anime series from the 80s.  Space Adventure Cobra was especially cool.  The series featured a wide variety of cool spacecraft and vehicle designs.  One of the few that was released in toy form was the incredible Psychoroid car from Bandai.  In the series it was just a very sleek, futuristic flying car, but the toy was given the ability to transform into robot mode.  For this reason Tomy added it to their Gobots lineup in 1984.  To be blunt; I hate the robot mode.  It just looks bad to me.  The vehicle is much more visually interesting.  The original Bandai toy had the Psychroid label on the vehicle's hood and had a firing missile .  This is a later release as it has the Future Machine label and the missile fuction is absent entirely.  Thankfully mine still has the canopy intact and the figures of Cobra and his android assistant Lady still at the controls.  Enjoy!

It's the Marvel of the Age! Part Three

       The final entry in my Supercar collection is the absolutely amazing Product Enterprises diecast Supercar.  It's 8" long, has retractable wings,  and amazing cockpit details.  It's the black and white version which I prefer.  Enjoy!

It's the Marvel of the Age! Part Two

       I have recently acquired the remaining three entries in the Johnny Lightning Supercar collection.  They include the color version with extended wings extended, the black and white version with wings retracted, and the black stealth version with wings extended.  Here are all four together.  Enjoy!

One Mean Moonbuggy!

     I've always enjoyed James Bond movies.  The classic adventures in particular.  There were always exciting gadgets and vehicles on display.  Diamonds are Forever has one of the coolest vehicles Bond has ever driven; the Techtronics Moonbuggy.  Bond uses it to escape from the Techtronics Space Lab with the result being a fabulous chase in the Nevada desert.  It was built for the film by legendary custom vehicle expert Dean Jeffries who, sadly, passed away last May.  I recently purchased this great Corgi Moonbuggy.  It's a reproduction of the moonbuggy that Corgi released in the 70s.  Unlike the original, the reproduction's coloration matches the film version.  The detailing is amazing.  Enjoy!

Fly me to the Moon!

       I've been a huge  fan of Herge's globetrotting, journalist adventurer Tintin ever since elementary school.  My grandparents gave me the two part epic moon adventure as a Christmas gift.  The two volumes were titled Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon.  Being a fan of space hardware I felt the incredible moon rocket was the real star of the adventure.  Earlier this year I purchased this great resin model of the rocket produced by Moulinsart.  Enjoy!