Sunday, April 28, 2013

Secret Space Base Podcast Episode 01

    Well folks, here it is!  The first episode of the Secret Space Base Podcast.  For a very long time I have wanted to do this, and it's finally a reality.  It is my hope that you'll enjoy this and want to hear more in the future.  Topics  for the premiere include a rundown of recent scifi, monster, and hobby magazines the covers of which I've displayed below. My co host, longtime friend, and professional animator Tim Bergeron and I also discuss at length the latest Ray Harryhausen documentary, stop motion animation in classic scifi cinema and whether it still has a place in contemporary fx filmmaking .  Enjoy!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's the Batmobile from that other animated Batman series

To be fair, I wasn't a huge fan of the Kids WB animated series The Batman.  I'd spent several years as a fan of Batman The Animated Series and its spinoffs Superman The Animated Series, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited.  These shows had a serious tone and featured the incredible Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman/Bruce Wayne.  The Batman wasn't a bad series by any means.  It just couldn't fill the gap left by the previous shows after they ended.  Having said that I do like their take on the Batmobile.  Design wise it looks like the offspring of Knight Rider and a Cylon.  Try getting that image out of your head.  The Hot Wheels version is very cool.  Enjoy!

Where does he get those wonderful toys? Hot Wheels, of course!

       It was a very exciting time when Tim Burton's Batman movie was released.  My longtime friend Dan and I were as ecstatic as two men could be for a movie.  It met every expectation and paved the way for Batman The Animated Series; my favorite incarnation of the character.  The Batmobile of Burton's film was like nothing that came before it.  Aspects of it could be seen in every subsequent cinematic Batmobile right up to the advent of Nolan's Dark Knight films.  While the 66 Batmobile will always be my favorite;  Burton's is a close second.  The Hot Wheels toy is, of course, excellent.  Enjoy!

That 40's Batmobile is Kickaroonie!

  Emerald City Comic Con was a great place to continue adding to my Batmobile collection.  I was able to find the Hot Wheels 40's Batmobile and it is sweet.  Historically speaking, it's the first Batmobile to actually feature a Bat motif in the design.  I do love the bat-wing like fin which would find it's way into the design of the 50's Batmobile.  Enjoy!

The 80's Batmobile is a Totally Rad Ride!

While attending the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle Wa, I picked up the Hot Wheels 80's Batmobile.  As with all Hot Wheels toys, it's well made and looks fantastic.  The ability to raise the car's hood is a nice feature.  I don't know if this Batmobile featured in the comics, but certainly appeared in animated form on Challenge of the Superfriends.  Enjoy!

No Cain no Gain

       My longtime friend Dan in Lacey, Wa.  gave me this excellent Hasbro Titanium Diecast model of the Battlestar Pegasus from the updated Battlestar Galactica series.  While I lean more toward the classic series; the new series certainly had its good moments.  The Pegasus was one of my favorite elements.  Commanded by the ruthless Admiral Helena Cain; this was a ship to be feared.  It's a Mercury Class Battlestar nearly twice the size of the Galactica.  In addition to greater weapons capabilities it also had onboard manufacturing facilities for replacing fighters lost in combat.  Enjoy!