Sunday, December 2, 2012

Popynica has got a lot of GUTS Part Two: GUTS Wing Zero

        This was the first of the Super GUTS mecha in my collection.  It was  a gift I received in 1999 from a close friend.  The design originated in the series Ultraman Tiga as an advanced reconnaisance and attack craft used by the original GUTS team.  By the time Ultraman Dyna took place it had become the standard strike craft of the TPC's Zero squadron.  I like the silver paint scheme of this version as opposed to the canary yellow scheme of the original GUTS wings.  When its wings are pulled back behind the fuselage it's referred to as Standby mode (they can still fly in this configuration).  When the wings are are swept forward against the fuselage it's referred to as Hyper Mode (in the series this is mostly seen while it's in space).  The toy is very durable and attractive and makes a great first entry in my Super GUTS collection.  Enjoy!

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