Sunday, December 2, 2012

Popynica has got a lot of GUTS Part Four: GUTS Eagle Alpha Superior

Here's the GUTS Eagle Alpha Superior.  In the series it replaces the Eagle Alpha around episode 34 as Shin Asuka's primary strike craft for the remaining episodes.  Like the original Alpha it can operate in space as well as the atmosphere.  It's also capable of combining with the other GUTS craft and is armed with the Neo Maxima cannon housed in its nose.  Its overall design is reminiscent of the Jet VTOL from the original 1966 Ultraman series.  Enjoy!

Popynica has got a lot of GUTS Part Three: GUTS Eagle Alpha

     This is one of my Favorite Ultraman Dyna craft.  It was piloted by the show's hero Shin Asuka from episode 1-33.  It has a great design which harkens back to early days of NASA lifting bodies.  It's capable of combining with other GUTS craft which we'll see in later posts.  The toy also has a cool ejecting cockpit pod.  Enjoy!  


Popynica has got a lot of GUTS Part Two: GUTS Wing Zero

        This was the first of the Super GUTS mecha in my collection.  It was  a gift I received in 1999 from a close friend.  The design originated in the series Ultraman Tiga as an advanced reconnaisance and attack craft used by the original GUTS team.  By the time Ultraman Dyna took place it had become the standard strike craft of the TPC's Zero squadron.  I like the silver paint scheme of this version as opposed to the canary yellow scheme of the original GUTS wings.  When its wings are pulled back behind the fuselage it's referred to as Standby mode (they can still fly in this configuration).  When the wings are are swept forward against the fuselage it's referred to as Hyper Mode (in the series this is mostly seen while it's in space).  The toy is very durable and attractive and makes a great first entry in my Super GUTS collection.  Enjoy!

Popynica has got a lot of GUTS Part One: Introduction

          I'm a big fan of the 1997 Japanese SF series Ultraman Dyna.  It featured a giant alien hero who joined with a human to defend Earth from giant monsters and evil alien invaders.  At that time it was the latest in a series of Ultraman programs dating back to 1966.  One of the hallmarks of every Ultra series was an Earth defense organization that used advanced vehicles and weapons to combat the invaders alongside the main Ultra hero.  In Dyna, that organization was called Super GUTS (Super Global Unlimited Task Squad).  They were the rapid response division of the TPC (Terrestrial Peace Coalition).  I do hope you're taking notes because all of this is will be on the final exam.   Anyway, over the next few weeks I'll be featuring my now complete collection of  Super GUTS vehicles here on the blog.   They are highly detailed plastic and diecast metal toys produced by Popynica and it took me years to finally complete my set.  Suffice to say I'm quite happy.  The series will be published in 13 parts including this introduction.  I hope you enjoy it.