Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ed Straker's Car

  In November of  2011 My Wendy and I took  a trip to Flagstaff and Prescott during which time we hit the anitques shoppes.  In Prescott I found a great shoppe with a lot of vintage toys especially diecast cars.  Among the selection I found this little gem.  A Dinky Ed Straker car from the 1970 Gerry Anderson TV series UFO.  I'd been hunting for one of these for a long time.   The shoppe owner didn't seem to realize that it was a TV tie-in toy or I suspect he would have charged more.  Suffice to say that I got an excellent deal.  Enjoy!

For comparison with Dinky Captain Scarlet Saloon car and Dinky Sam Loover's car

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  1. Beautiful example. I love the Dinky Gerry Anderson toys and have a big collection. Nothing beats an unsuspecting shop owner/unexpected bargain!. Would like to see more pics of your others