Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Markalite F.A.H.R.P.

Also from the 1957 Toho film Chikyu Boeigun is the Markalite F.A.H.R.P. (Flying Atomic Heat Ray Projector). It was the superweapon that the Earth Defense Force deploys against the Mysterians Domed headquarters. In the film it's a giant weapons platform as tall as the Mogera Robot. This miniature was an accessory that came with the Revoltech Mogera. Enjoy!

Revoltech Mogera

Mogera is the giant robot monster deployed by the Mysterian invaders in the 1957 Toho SF classic Chikyu Boeigun (Earth Defense Force). Although its reign of destruction in the film is brief, it's still a very cool design. In fact it's one of my favorite Toho monsters. The Revoltech figure more than does the character justice. It even features a tiny figure of the Mysterian leader. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dalek Lightswitch Cover

This really cool lightswitch cover was made by my Wendy for my office. She truly is the best.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SF Drill Vehicles 3: IR Mole

    Next we have International Rescue's Mole. It featured in several episodes of Gerry Anderson's 1964 SF series Thunderbirds. I always looked forward to the episodes where this great design appeared.  This model was a trading kit produced by Konami and the details are amazing.  Enjoy!

SF Drill Vehicles 2: GUTS Peeper

       Next in our lineup is the GUTS Peeper. It features in two episodes of the 1996 Japanese SF series Ultraman Tiga. GUTS is the acronym for Global Unlimited Task Squad which was the tactical arm of the Terrestrial Peace Coalition. A very cool design in my opinion. Popynica produced the diecast toy which is really excellent.  Enjoy!

SF Drill Vehicles 1: TDF Magmaraiser

     I do love drill vehicles and no one does that concept better than our friends in Japan. This is the Magmaraiser and it's the underground vehicle used in the 1967 Japanese SF series Ultraseven. It belongs to the Terrestrial Defense Force Ultra Garrison.  Although I like the raised cockpit; I can't help but think it would be a hinderance to underground travel.  The drill is a bit on the in the small side which may explain why the Magmaraiser also uses lasers to destroy underground obstructions.  Enjoy!